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FJS Consulting is an agricultural consulting company that provides clients with timely and precise information to support their business objectives.  With a strong background and connections in the academic world, FJS Consulting is able to provide insightful perspective on pressing issues and challenges of agriculture today.

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Areas of Practice


Services include, but are not limited to providing technical expertise on crop physiology, plant nutrition, crop quality, field stand establishment and seed production and quality. This information has been used in product development efforts for precision agriculture and to assist clients in finding solutions to crop production and quality challenges.

Expert Witness

Services include, but are not limited to providing supporting technical expertise in the areas of seed quality, field stand establishment, seed pollination and production, crop performance and chemical phytotoxicity.

Sustainable Crop Production

Services include, but are not limited to assisting in the development of environmental best management practices for agriculture and agricultural processing facilities and third party auditing services for sustainable crop certification programs.

Claims Validation

Services include, but are not limited to providing “peer reviewed based” monetary estimates of crop impacts as the result of detrimental environmental incidents or planned industrial activities.


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